Today Big Zeus is focused on creating a platform for emerging entrepreneurs in the music sector and improving its community. This important goal in Zeus' radar led him to create the independent label Vicious Cycle. Under the motto of "Break The Cycle" and thanks to the guidance of Big Zeus, Vicious Cycle aims to break generational curses, financial instability and emotional trauma.


Born and raised on the southside of Chicago, the songwriter/producer has been in love with the story telling elements found in music all his life. He aims to incorporate stories of his own into the music he writes along with being able to elevate his friends, family, and community through telling their stories within his music as well.


Serving as a singer, songwriter, and engineer, Dash describes himself as a “California Mutt” and has always had a passion for being creative.
 While in high school he fell in love with dance. This is where his artistic passion and talent began to manifest within him as a choreographer. Later, he began performing throughout the United States. 
 In 2007 DashMillerSays decided to take his passion of song writing more serious. Writing a song a day it became obvious that writing music came to him naturally just as dancing did.